Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good Dancing Is Fun To Watch

Honestly I don't even want to make fun of this clip. This boy is just freaking fabulous.

BTW, I'm also with Jessica on this one. I will personally beat to death the next flabby, unathletic, out-of-shape guy who feels he's in a position to call Britney Spears fat.


Anonymous said...

I am flabby, unathletic, and out-of-shape, and Britney Spears is FAT. My being fat doesn't make her thin.

Caveat: Britney Spears would be considered fit or even thin if she were a teacher or doctor or writer or even an actress. I do not believe I ever dated anyone thinner than she is. But she wears underwear to the beach, proclaims to handlers that she wants tighter fitting clothes, and dances sexually (although this time it was more like sleepwalking) while lip-synching half naked in front of millions.

If you are a linebacker and you weigh 190, you are a twig. If you are a gymnast and you are 21 years old you are ancient. And if you are a person who made all her money by being attractive and seductive, debasing the culture and worrying responsible parents everywhere, then you better avoid massive amounts of alchohol which will result in you being called fat by fat guys like me.

Jim in Cleveland

And I DARE you to try to beat me to death.

:-jon said...

Sir Charles Barkley, Vin Baker, Shawn Kemp & Shaq are four examples of men that have been called "fat" and "out of shape".

Anonymous said...

You got it, :-jon. So have Steven Segal and Matthew Perry. If you read the original posting by Jessica, most of the commenters miss the point--it isn't that Britney is fat, it is that she doesn't need to dress like a stripper. Britney has had two kids--she needs to act and dress like it.

Jim in Cleveland