Friday, September 12, 2008

The Value of Virginity

Apparently is determined by the highest bidder. *face plant*

What gets me about this story is the quotes from the woman who appearently has been taught all the feminist phrases but not why they should mean something to her.

"We live in a capitalist society ... why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalise on my virginity?" Ms Dylan was quoted as saying in the New York Daily News.

"I understand some people will condemn me ... but I think this is empowering. I'm using what I have to better myself.
I thinks she's going to find its the opposite of empowering. Talk to any sex worker, or even a stripper, and you will find that men feel even more willing to treat women they pay like they are subhuman.

The thing is, I'm not necessarily against the idea of decriminalizing prostitution -- but I've yet to see a version that doesn't end up hurting the women. Amsterdam is not actually a safe place for women or tourists. (Neither is Mexico which may have one of the worst track records of safety even though it is legalized in some parts.) Meanwhile Sweden has perhaps the best system for the women, but even there interviews with women make it clear this is not work that can be done by human beings with healthy psychologies. Its damaging.


Anonymous said...

So, you are against the idea of a woman's free choice to sell her body because she might be treated as subhuman?

1st - we have to allow people to make mistakes. Well, if we are liberals/libertarians. Limiting the choices a competent adult is allowed to make due to if it is "damaging" is paternalistic.

2nd - so how good are doctors at actually determining virginity.

3rd - this has got to be a hoax.

Cheri said...

Newscat didn't say this woman shouldn't be allowed to do this, just that her expectations are unlikely be fulfilled. And I believe it was implied that she is a friggin idjit.

Unknown said...

Sex can be an ugly act, especially when one or both parties are treated as sex objects instead of human beings. Treating a woman as a sex object is implicit in prostitution, which is why it is so damaging to a woman's psychology and self-worth. There are systems one could use to mitigate this, but there is no way to eliminate it.

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