Saturday, March 04, 2006

This Space Left Blank


the real sevenesses said...

I live 3 blocks from McDonalds #1, and I hardly ever go there. McDonalds #1000 is a mile away. An egg mcmuffin, with juice and coffee, is not too bad for breakfast once in a while. On a warm evening, I might go there to get an ice cream cone. The rest of their menu is so disgusting that it is inedible. They used to cook the fries in beef fat, but I guess they stopped that a few years ago. The Super size guy really went overboard trying to eat there all the time. I like the part where he leaves the french fries sitting out and they never get moldy or anything.

NewsCat said...

Juice, coffee & soft serve ice cream are staples that are hard to screw up. I've never had an egg McMuffin (I don't like eggs or cheese) but the thing about most fast food is that it is tasty. Even in the movie, Morgan goes and does a 100-nutrionist survey about how often one should eat fast food and many say once-a-month.

As for their fries...up until 1990 they were fried in beef tallow which basically makes them beef-flavored fries. (There was quite a lot in Fast Food Nation about the chicken that is really beef-flavored). Anyway, they were supposed to have been cooked in vegetable oil but in 2002 McDonalds paid $10 million to vegetarian groups when it was revealed they were still using beef-flavoring addictives. I'm not sure what the fry oil combo is these days but its possible Wendy's is freer with the beef flavoring which is why I like their fries better.

the real sevenesses said...

Wendy's is a good place to get a bowl of chili, but my most common purchase there is a small frosty in summer. Their super value burger is small enough not to do much harm, if you are into portion control. When I drove around a lot, I used to go to Burger King, and get a double meat whopper, without onions, cut in half please, so it was easier to eat while driving.

The beef tallow issue at McDonalds came to my attention years ago. When I lived in Florida, I knew someone whose family raised cattle. They were the Indian Brahmin type, suitable for a sub-tropical and third world climates, but very skinny. McDonalds apparently bought additional beef grease to make this meat more juicy, and used it for the fries as well.

I remember, as a child in a small town in Illinois, when McDonalds first opened up. It was between a Tasty-Freeze and a motel with a very good restaurant. Some people used to get their burgers at the Tasty-Freeeze, and just walk over to McDonalds to get an order of fries. Those beef-squeezings must be addictive or something.