Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gottfrid chair come back?

About five days ago I noticed that the IKEA chair of my dreams, the Gottfrid, disappeared of the IKEA USA website (usually meaning that’s it for the item). I don’t think I can even convey how upset this made me. I’ve been dreaming about this chair for almost a year now. It’s become totally fetishized in my brain as the most perfect kitchen chair (for it’s price range). I was saving up to buy it but also it was going to be my reward for hitting my 10% goal.

So I’ve been randomly googling “Gottfrid chair” a lot the last few days, trying to see if I can find someone selling a used set at least. Apparently it’s for sale still in Canada and the UK.

Yesterday I found the IKEA Gottfrid chair link was working again (it had gone offline) and I managed to order two chairs. But then by the end of the day, IKEA sent me an e-mail saying the chair was out of stock and will not be shipped and so my credit card will not be charged.

Now I see the Gottfrid chair is back on the IKEA USA website, visible even when looking at all their chairs. It’s still out of stock for the entire IKEA USA stores (I looked up stock availability at each store just to see) but perhaps IKEA is thinking about bringing it back, hence why they brought the chair back to the website?

I can only hope.

You know I was reminding myself that I was becoming a lot like the main character in Fight Club by fetishizing home d├ęcor. Like that line where he says about his coffee table, “That’s it, at least I knew I had the last coffee table I was ever going to need.” I’ve been thinking how much I’m starting to resemble that character at the beginning of the movie.

UPDATE: I called IKEA customer service and the woman said IKEA is definately *not* selling the chairs anymore. And then I just started looking on craigslist and someone in my neighborhood just happens to be selling two of them and a table for $100. It's not even labeled "Gottfrid" I can just tell by the picture. I MUST HAVE THOSE CHAIRS.

UPDATE II: Check out the thrilling resolution, "Chair, A Love Story."


Anonymous said...

Hello, those chairs rock! I am too looking for that Gottfrid chair from IKEA and was saving my money all this time. Feel dejected as they are no longer offered at IKEA. Searching the web I hit your blog and am leaving my post.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I bought the table to go with the chairs first, went back 2 weeks later and no chairs. I have been trying to find them for months. I am sooooo sad.

Anonymous said...

I reside in Singapore and had shortlist the Gottfrid chairs for my new house. I have just returned from IKEA knowing that it is no longer in production!!! How disappointing!!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm lucky enough to have three of these chairs, and did not have room for a fourth when I made my purchase a year ago.

I've also been questing to find these chairs somewhere somehow. No one I have contacted in Canada or the UK would even respond about allowing me to purchase and have them shipped to the US. I continually search Craigslist hoping to find one somewhere.

Arghh only one chair away from having my set of four. :(

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
I've got five of these gottfrid chairs and need to sell them. Anyone still interested? Contact me at
I live in California.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!

I have 6 Ikea Gottfrid chairs for sale. They are in good condition, no dents, fabric looks like new since these chairs have been stored for over 5 years. Made out of solid beech, excellent dining room chairs! Very comfortable, ergonomic, nice design! One of the best Ikea products ever! It is unfortunate that Ikea stopped making quality and good looking, European furniture... at least what they sell in USA isn't same Ikea what it used to be years ago.
These particular chairs where made for Ikea in Romania.

If interested, contact me at

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