Friday, July 21, 2006

Loveline interesting moment #2: Cartoon Dialogue

It's time for another post which reminds me why I started this blog. Michael Narren has created four really amusing Loveline cartoons where are based on small snippets of dialogue which he then animated. One is called "Finding Fauntleroy" (where Adam explaines how Drew took the PSATs while still in the womb). I finally found the actually broadcast where this snippet came from, November 16, 2004. It happens about 18 minutes into the broadcast. A female caller says she's definately going to college but is starting at Junior College first. This sets Adam off on his usual "Jr. College" rant. Drew asks the caller what she got on her SATs and the girl says she didn't take them. This is what inspires Adam's musings on when Drew first took the SATs.

Interestingly I think this episode may also be the source of the ubiquitous sound clip of Drew saying "Your gay." It's hard to tell. About 72 minutes into the show Adam is talking about something to do with penises and intros with "This might seem like a possibly gay question."

Whereas Drew is heard saying "You're gay." It comes off pretty natural, not like Anderson playing the clip. But it certainly could be Anderson. It's pretty off-hand though, so maybe that wasn't even the source, just something Drew happened to say that night.

Also see Loveline interesting moment #1: Birth of Chief Thunderbear.

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