Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chocolate Gum?

I love chocolate and I love gum. So what better than to combine the two great foods together?

I was in the local 7-11 (stomping ground for special additions and "new" candies) and I saw the Bubble Yum Chocolate. It was $.89 but I decided worth it just to try it out.

Chocolate-the-flavor doesn't often translate well. (See Skittles Ice Cream flavor, which includes "chocolate"). To give Bubble Yum credit, their verison of "Chocolate" is better than Skittles. Its chocolatier than Tootsie Pops (which I think is technically supposed to be fudge, isn't it?) but it's still not really chocolatey.

The other thing about the gum is that the flavor (while pleasant) fades really fast and then turns into an unpleasant flavorless gum with an artificial aftertaste. Yeah, chew this gum for 15 minutes and you'll want to start replacing the flavor in your mouth with mint or something.

Also, has anyone ever thought that Bubble Yum puts too much gum per piece? Chewing a full piece of Bubble Yum starts hurting my jaw after a while. I've been in the habit of only chewing a half-a-piece for a while now. Makes the gum last longer, although in the case of Bubble Yum Chocolate, I don't think I'd buy another pack.

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