Thursday, February 15, 2007

More On Gay Marriage.
Plus: Political blogging brings in the posters

First off I know I haven’t been posting much lately. I’m sorry. I’ve been depressed lately but in light of my promise I’m not going to drag my bad attitude in here.

However I find it interesting that my post about anti-gay marriage has attracted some attention (by “some” I mean any). I’m not going to argue with people who come here to post about it. Because we’re looking at the issue from two different dimensions. I’m looking at an apple and calling it a fruit and while they are calling it a piece of dense matter. There’s no common ground to which to hammer out dialogue in the culture war. There’s no starting point to agreement. We don’t agree about the terms of the debate or the stakes.

Besides what changes people’s minds isn’t arguing with strangers on the internet. It’s interpersonal communications in their real life. Knowing someone who is gay, having a gay family member. Maybe if Marshall McLuhan is right then watching a TV show about gay people might help.

But my blog isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. And they’re clearly not going to change mine. We’re looking at the same object but we can’t even think of common words to describe it.

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Anonymous said...

When I posted a response to your opinion, I wasn't thinking it would change your mind. But what is wrong with looking at a different perspective than your own? It is interesting you used the idea of what an apple is to make your point--Peter Kreeft, a philosophy professor, uses the idea that if we agree that an apple is an apple, then we can find common ground on the controversial issue he discusses.

In short, I was not looking to make an argument. Just wanted you to know that while the media may portray your view as the rational, moral, and compassionate view, many rational, moral and compassionate people, like me, don't see it that way.

No offense intended, and best of luck to you on whatever is getting you down.

Jim in Cleveland