Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blogging Ain’t Pretty: It's Thursday And Gonzales Is Still Around

A commenter reminded me that this post still is up. Now what most of you don’t know if that on Tuesday there was an “announcement by Bush about the attorney general” and for about a half-hour I thought Bush was about to announcement Gonzales’ resignation. So I crafted a post: “I Called It!!!” Had you visited my site at 5:30 pm you might have seen it.

Of course 5:45 p.m. rolled around and showed how far I had put my foot in my mouth. (Yum...tasty ankle....) So while I deleted that post, I left up my predication. Why? Because sometimes blogging ain’t pretty.

And now I see is starting “Gonzo-meter” where they track the daily chance of Gonzales’ resignation. Considering its Slate I’m pretty sure this now means his last day will be Jan. 20, 2009. Thanks Slate!

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Anonymous said...

Kudos for admitting you were wrong on the prediction. I still don't think there is any there there, but it is clear Gonzalez ain't the strongest AG in history, though I suspect you and I would have different reasons for disliking him.

Jim in Cleveland