Sunday, September 02, 2007

Welcome Misogynists

Apparently someone on Tom Leykis’ board decided to link to my post about radio misogyny.

It’s funny because I’m watching a Mad Men marathon today and I recall some have complained that the sexism is way too blatant. I guess this reviewer thought it was obvious no one is outwardly sexist anymore and therefore hitting people over the head with the casual and hateful attitudes of white men from the past is too painful for audiences to bear.

Yeah, it’s so great how it's all changed today. Sexism is totally gone. Gee and I wonder why anyone ever thought there needs to be such a thing as feminism if we’re all equal now?

[By the way, Mad Men is awesome.]


Anonymous said...

I work at a place where if you are a man, you don't get a fair shake. No pun intended. And ironically, it is civil rights-related.

Jim in Cleveland

Anonymous said...

I challenge this author to give me one way women are oppressed.

And no sugar tits, having your feelings hurt because you really are inadequate and have low self esteem doesn't count.