Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging: Cats Reading Harry Potter

I know I’ve been sparsely posting this week. Life has been too busy for writing although there’s plenty to comment on.

Everything from Anita Hill’s rebuttal to Clarence Thomas’ libeling of her in his new bitter memoir to the happy news that the Aurora Planned Parenthood clinic finally opening. (Yay happy news).

After realizing it was a Friday Cat Blogging and I lacked a picture, I had to turn to The Keeper of the Cats for some images. Personally I feel that Al would have made an excellent Crookshanks if he hadn’t been described as having a squashed up face. (The coloring is right though).

In any case the dedicated readers of my blog, I just wanted you to know that posting will resume on Monday but for now I’m off to my first trip to the Big Apple.


Anonymous said...

hope NYC was fun

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Cheering for dead fetal carcasses!!! Yippee!!

Also, you may want to check out a Black's Law Dictionary on what libel is. I'm guessing she won't be filing a suit. Not that Anita Hill would know what legal terms are.

Jim in Cleveland