Monday, November 19, 2007

I Need A Favor From Jack Bauer

Kiefer, can I call you Kief?

I know you and I have had our disagreements, mostly about the fact that I think your show, 24, is hurting America. But I have a favor to ask and if you do this all will be forgiven.

I need you to endorse, as Jack Bauer, any democratic candidate. Seriously, pick any of them, even Dennis Kucinich.

Because if Huckabee doesn't look ridiculous with this ad then I think we need to get Jack Bauer's endorsement. I mean, he's been cited so much by Republicans I think it means they think Bauer votes Republican.

But I think you know better. I think you know that Bauer was actually a Democrat. After all, wasn't President David Palmer basically a dem in disguise?

So Kief, think about it. I know you probably figure America doesn't need to know what some actor thinks about president politics. But clearly that's not the case.


Anonymous said...

Ow, my belly! That's hilarious! "When Chuck Norris does a push-up, he isn't pushing himself up. He's pushing the earth down." Ow!


Anonymous said...

I believe David Palmer was a stated Democrat, not one in disguise.

I can't imagine any of the Democrat candidates WANTING Jack Bauer's nomination, especially Kucinich. But it does bring up an interesting topic--which character would endorse which candidates? My guesses--

Ben Matlock--John Edwards
Daffy Duck--Rudy Guiliani
ET--Dennis Kucinich
Alexis Carrington--Hillary Clinton
Guy Smiley--Mitt Romney
D.A. Arthur Branch--Fred Thompson

Jim in Cleveland

NewsCat said...

Heh, I have to give you that on D.A. Arthur Branch supporting Thompson.