Friday, January 04, 2008

I Wish This Girl Wasn't Anonymous

My Seattle-area readers are pretty familar with The Stranger's "I, Anonymous" column. It's basically a space the alternative weekly uses for anyone to publish anything, anonymously.

This week's author though makes me really wish I could reach out to her.

You think you are a man because you are a manager at Safeway, but I cannot believe how selfish and childish you are. Does it make you feel like a man to knock a girl up and then leave her out for the trash? I know I caught you off-guard by telling you I was pregnant—but believe me, I am the one who will suffer the consequences. I ask myself: Do I go through the aches and pains of pregnancy and labor and have the baby and risk not having a supportive father in its life? Or do I have an abortion and risk the chance of possibly never having children again because God will think I am a horrible person and punish me for not being responsible when sleeping with an asshole that I thought was finally a nice guy in my life? I hope this haunts you for the rest of your life. I hope your dick becomes infested with 1,000 fleas. Better yet, I hope you get another girl pregnant and aren't as lucky this time and she has your bastard child and screws you for everything you've got. Maybe instead of that Porsche you are driving, you will have to downsize to something else... maybe a Honda, with a car seat in the back. Have a great life, loser.
I don't know if she's religious or just misinformed about abortion. But it's the writings of a person who is truly struggling with her choice, and is more than pissed off at the guy who's decided it has nothing to do with him.

I wish I could tell her that she can have other kids even if she had an abortion now. She doesn't need to be guilt-ridden if she decides she doesn't want to have a baby with a person who doesn't want to be a father.


Anonymous said...

Why would she not need to be guilt-ridden? Because you think abortion is a-okay? This is why I worry about Planned Parenthood--who are you to tell someone they will not be guilt-ridden? This is not informing her about her choice. Legally, she can likely have an abortion (though I don't know how far along she is). That is what you could tell her honestly. Saying she will not be guilt-ridden about it is something you don't know, and it would be an injustice to her to say that to her.

Jim in Cleveland

Anonymous said...

Hi Newscat.

I don't believe God punishes us for our sins.

The column was sad. Too bad the girl found out too late that the boy was a loser. Too bad that there are so many loser guys, who want sex, but will bail if pregnancy happens.

My advice to my little sister was, when you are ready to be pregnant, (physically, emotionally, financially) and the boy is too, then you are ready to have sex.

My wife was in an infertility support group. One of the women in the group had an abortion when she was young. Years later, she couldn't get pregnant. It happens.

There are lots of people with secondary infertility, can't get pregnant after already having kids.

You can't guarantee that if someone has an abortion, that they will be able to get pregnant in the future.
Especially since people's fertility diminishes with age. (Especially for women over the age of 35.)