Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging: Feminist Cats

This week we have yet another of my Portland friend's cats. This one is Humphrey (as in Bogart), posing with a Portland Mercury.

I'll let Melissa explain:

Humphrey is the biggest of the three brothers from the litter, and has the most unique eyes. Many folks comment on how beautiful he is, but he does seem to be aware - as he's the most aloof. Notice the one white cheek, which makes him the most asymmetric of the bunch - hence the name Humphrey Bogart. His sister Ingrid Bergman has been the ONLY adopted kitty from the litter of six, living here in Portland with my friend Emily and her son Jade.
In any case I am off to Boston for the weekend of feminism activism at WAM!2008. I'm hoping to post some pictures and reports of what I see, but lacking a laptop, we'll see what kind of updates I can manage.

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