Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Thought of the Day

10 percent of registered voters think Barrack Obama is a muslim. Even among those who say they have heard a lot about the controversy about Obama's affiliation with the United Church of Christ and its controversial minister, the Rev. Wright, 9% still identify Obama as Muslim. I guess Rev. Wright's robe looked really Muslim-y despite the fact he's called a REVEREND.

Should I be happy or sad that 9 percent of independent voters think he's a Muslim?


Anonymous said...

quit saying that!

Seriously, remember the article you ran way back when you pointed out that the more people talk about a topic, the more they tend to believe it?

when was that...hey, where's the search button?

Anonymous said...

I think there are times Obama, or at least his campaign manager, WISHES more people thought he was Muslim. Maybe people who think he is Muslim are just bitter.

Jim in Cleveland

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Jon, you're so right! :)