Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh...That Explains Why Bush Disappears In August

He's got to put on his cap and cowl.

The stupid, it burns!

(Bonus: so this is what passes for pop culture analysis in the Wall Street Journal? I know high school bloggers who come up with more sophisticated analysis than "Our president is a superhero! He's like a *Dark Knight*.)

Hat tip Sadly, No!


Anonymous said...

hmmm...I always thought of him as the Tick.

P.S. welcome back!
PPS where Friday cat photos?

habladora said...

Oh, that WSJ piece made me laugh... and it made me lose any remaining interest in seeing Dark Knight. I don't usually like super-hero movies because of the overly simplistic depictions of good and evil. Yet, since the first X-Men movie (although, I must say, the second is the best), most super-hero movies seem to be trying, at least, to have a more complicated conversation about what makes someone powerful 'good' or 'bad.' This WSJ piece makes me believe that Dark Knight is not that type of film, but instead the type that insists that evil is simple to understand that that it never comes from anything but evil intentions. I like X-Men because there are 'bad' people in both communities (super and normal), whose rational fears lead them to espouse excessive violence against anyone they see as 'other.'