Sunday, February 08, 2009

How Feminist Organizations Should Talk To Feminist Bloggers

Coming out the Feminism 2.0 conference I had a bit of an epiphany. The bloggers/activists panel attended by Tedra Osell of Bitch Ph.d , Liza Sabater of Culture Kitchen, and Kim Gandy, former president of NOW, was probably one of the most useful conference panels I’ve attended since I’ve been attending conferences.

The thing about treating blogger outreach as a high-profile as talking to any media personality is that it costs very little but it requires a realignment of thinking.

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Anonymous said...

You're back.

...have you been celebrating since the election?

Anonymous said...

I read it.
Now, I have questions.

Sure, blogs are the 21st century opinion pages, but, at least with newspapers, you can tell how many copies move.

What are the most popular blogs. I asked google. I went to the top 4 sites that google referred me to. I did not get any overlap.

So, how is a feminist organization supposed to know who they should be developing a relationship with, because there are thousands of bloggers?

OK, if I narrowed the search to "popular blog feminst" then I do get a bit of overlap...though Feministing & Feministe were the only two overlaps on the two top 10 lists.

I'ld say with the interwebs, still hard for us to decide who to trust. Which, is kinda ironic, because with technology we can actually track who visits, how often, what articles they read for how long and what they forward. So it's easy for a newspaper to track their writers, but it's harder for us readers to know who is popular and/or good.

Here is a way for the bloggers to get more power. Have the bloggers get their readers to write to the feminist organizations. Saying, "hey I read Newscat all the time".
That would actually show the fem-orgs how much influence you have.

Onto the rant part... your side won. I don't think Obama is afraid that you'll vote for Palin in 2012. Obama is more worried about "centralists" voters being scared off by his more liberal constituents and them voting for Palin. So, strategically speaking, how much pull can you expect to have?

PS that x-mas cactus you gave me when you moved to DC...still alive. But it hasn't bloomed in several years. Should I put it in a new/bigger pot?