Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anonymous Source Watch: Washington Post (Tuesday, September 22)

I'm currently behind by four days on posting Anonymous Source counts. I will be "backfilling" the missing four days over the next few days.

State Races Capture The White House’s Eye (A1)

By Anne E. Kornblut and Rosalind S. Helderman
Anonymous Quote #1

A senior Democratic Party official close to Paterson said that while the White House pressure on Paterson amounted to a serious blow, the governor is likely to continue weighing his options until he can determine whether he still has support among Harlem's black political elite. Paterson was a longtime state senator representing Harlem.

The Democratic official, who speaks regularly with Paterson, said he thought the story about the White House effort to nudge the governor out was deliberately leaked to increase pressure on him to stand aside in favor of attorney general Andrew M. Cuomo. But he said Paterson is not likely to bow out -- and Cuomo will not risk a racially delicate challenge to Paterson -- unless the top black Democrats in the city ask Paterson to make way for Cuomo.

General’s Review Creates Rupture (A1)
By Karen DeYoung

Anonymous Quote #1
One observer, characterizing the president's dilemma at its most extreme, said: "He can send more troops and it will be a disaster and he will destroy the Democratic Party. Or he can send no more troops and it will be a disaster and the Republicans will say he lost the war."

Anonymous Quote #2
But senior military officials have expressed growing frustration, while warning that delay could be costly. "Time does matter," said one military official. "The longer the situation deteriorates, the tougher to reclaim" the initiative against Taliban forces. Military and civilian officials agreed to discuss White House decision-making and McChrystal's report on the condition of anonymity.

This military official and others cautioned that any strategy revision that resulted in a pullback by U.S. and NATO forces would leave Taliban forces in uncontested control of territory and could lead to a return of civil war in Afghanistan, opening the door to reestablishment of al-Qaeda sanctuaries there.

U.S. Commanders Told to Shift Focus to More Populated Areas (A1)
By Greg Jaffe

Anonymous Quote #1
"I don't think anyone in the U.S. military wanted to be up there," said a senior military official who oversees troops fighting in the village.

U.S. Resident Held Without Bail in Terrorism Case (A6)
By Carrie Johnson and Spencer S. Hsu

Anonymous Quote #1
But the charge, lying to investigators in a terrorism probe, is a placeholders likely to be supplemented in the days or weeks ahead, the law enforcement sources said on the condition of anonymity because the inquiry continues.

Anonymous Quote #2
A U.S. counterterrorism official said, "We're obviously concerned about Westerners -- and those with Western appearance -- training with terrorists along the Afghan-Pakistan border," although the number of Europeans and Americans believed to have traveled there to do so "isn't thought to be high."

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