Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nerdy Bar Games For Washington Types

My roommate and I move in feminist circles and one night I challenged her to name all 16 female senators. (No using the internet, cheater!) I'm not saying this is information every person should know (like the way you should be able to name your own senators) but for nerdy, feminist, DC types it makes a good bar game. I started playing it last night at a networking happy hour and it turned out beautifully. People started talking to each other and larger groups of people slowly got involved.

An alternative game, strictly for DC people: list as many Representatives as you can in 2 minutes (this is a team exercise.) It's like "DC Boggle" really.

Okay sure, someone told me this sounded "boring" but I think DC media types actually enjoy the chance to show off this knowledge. It's the one thing we excel in over other parts of the country, useless knowledge about Congress that our friends and relatives don't know.

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