Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The end of candy blogging

I may have to get out of the candy reviewing business. I've been having a nice e-mail discussion with The Candy Addict today and I didn't realize how vast candy/snackfood review blogging is. It's a whole subgenre of blogging that I hadn't been aware of until last week and now that I'm aware of it I don't know if I want to "compete" by offering the same product they are. Especially when they can do it better knowing how to make pretty graphics. (I especially like Candy Blog's visual look. Gummi Bears are so iconic yet pretty.)

When people specialize their blogs, be it about candy or coffee, they can attract a certain audience that then knows they can depend on their blog for that kind of commentary. Whereas while my blog is scattershot in topic, its probably less likely to attract an audience, but more fun for me to produce.

The other reason to end the candy's making me hungry. I was mentioning a couple of types of candies I've liked such as Sweet Tarts Rope and Trolli Brite Crawler Eggs that are so sugary that after I ate them (or more likely a LOT of them) I would start worrying that I just gave myself diabetes. Sort of like that you know that joke from The Simpsons featuring Grandma Plopwell's low-fat pudding that gave Carl diabetes.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you should stop either. I saw somewhere that they introduce more than 6,000 new candy products every year. (Plus all the ones that are already on the market.)

There's plenty of room for everyone.

Besides, half of it is opinions and I can never give cherries a good review because I just don't like them. Keep at it - it takes a while to find a voice and niche.

(If you decide to keep it up, I'll add you to my blogroll too!)

Regarding diabetes, I worry about it too, as my grandmother had it. I've found that making sure you eat enough protein when consuming the pure sugar candies like sweetarts or gummies helps to keep you from having a low sugar crash.