Monday, May 07, 2007

Romney Censor-in-Chief

*Sign* Sometimes I think I want to prove that I can like Mitt Romney just to show myself he’s really not going to be a Manchurian candidate for the Mormons like I fear. But his speech on Saturday about pornography and single people, makes it difficult to believe he’s not trying to Mormonize America. Pretty soon we’re all going to be blond pod people. Also, Mitt, didn’t you know Brownback already promised to be the match-maker-in-chief? (I'm really waiting for some presidential candidate to find me a husband. Whoever promises me the prettiest gets my vote.)

I’m curious to know how ordinary Republicans feel about Romney’s anti-porn/anti-single spiel. Because one of the policies I think you would see in a Romney presidency is a willingness to really go after pornography and to try to censor apply FCC regulations to cable. Lest anyone forget, the reason cable isn’t regulated like broadcast is due to the concept of limitation and public airwaves. Broadcast isn’t regulated by decency just because it’s TV. It’s regulated because there’s a limited amount of spectrum.

Calling for censorship regulation of cable one might as well call for regulation on your local alternative weekly. No more unedited Dan Savage!

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Anonymous said...

I think you are allowing the reporting's view to affect how you see Romney. I pored the internet, and could not find the entire speech. But the quote they give in the article you cite does not criticize being single, it criticizes the devaluing of marriage. Romney is saying great things occur in marriage, as opposed to the relativism of believing marriage is unimportant.

You have to remember not to look at what conservatives say through a liberal perspective. Criticizing porn is not the same as calling for its ban--conservatives generally believe in less legislation, not more. Again, not having read the speech, I think Romney is right to criticize the social ills of our country--to ignore them, especially at a fundementalist Christian university, would be silly for a social conservative to do, Mormon or no.

And frankly, edited Dan Savage would be terrible. But then, so is edited Dan Savage.

Jim in Cleveland