Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More CNN/YouTube Debate Follow Up

I have to do a little self-blogwhoring again. At my second blog I have a breakdown of the number of male verses female question askers. What I couldn't say about the guy who asked Hillary Clinton if Arab and Muslim nations would deal with a *gasp* woman, I pretty much say here in the comments.

Let it be known that it's not *actually* my regular second blog (that's this one)...we were having issues with blogger and had to put it in the second site. Which is kind of why I'm blogwhoring it because otherwise no one will ever find it.


Anonymous said...

So Senator Clinton did not mention
Megawati Sukarnoputri, president of Indonesia (largest Muslim nation) from 2001 - 2004 ?

Don't you people know these things?
Maybe you should be reading the Economist.


Anonymous said...

alright...I knew about Megawati, but with a bit of research found some female Prime Ministers:

Pakistan, twice (non-consecutively) elected Benazir Bhutto

Bangladesh elected Khaleda Zia[9] and Sheikh Hasina

Turkey,elected Tansu Çiller

thanks Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

For the record, as a Westerner, I have no feeling or inclination that anyone's vote should be affected by whether another nation can deal with a leader on the basis of sex.

But I think the question is interesting, and poses a quandry for Democrats (and I don't find the question "sexist," as you do, because it is referring to the sexism of the Muslim world). John Kerry and others have publicly worried more about what other countries thought of us than about how we act on our principles. For him, and for many on the Left, all our foreign policy ills could be fixed if we just sat down and had a nice chat with Castro, Kim Jong-il, or Ahmadinejad. How could we as the most powerful nation on Earth expect a leader who does not allow women of his country to attend school or show their face in public to deal seriously with a woman?

Of course, Hillary could have added that the current secretary of state, as well as the second one appointed by her husband, are women.