Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Second Blog

I’ve become a lot more public about who I am but I guess today’s the day I explicitly step out of the shadows in order to point to my second blogging gig.

As part of my job working with National Women’s Editorial Forum I’m their new official blogmistress.

Here is our blog, Real Women, Real Voices.

And, to pimp my reportage skills I have a bit of a scoop with a first-person account of the arrest of the abortion clinic worker in Tuscaloosa. Since Sunday July 15 Operation Save America has been doing their regular “shut down an abortion clinic” sieges, this time in Birmingham. But on Tuesday they packed up and trekked to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to harass the West Alabama Women’s Center. Somehow though it was the clinic director who ended up getting arrested, not any of the protestors. I wanted to find out why and the blog has the story.

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