Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging: Al and Lena’s First Pictures

Thought I would reach back into the depths of my e-mail and pull out the original pictures of Al and Lena that were sent to me back when my roommate asked me if I minded her adding two cats to our then catless apartment. Al and Lena came all the way from New York City via a friend of a friend and here’s the e-mail touting their personalities written by the original owner.
Orange Kitty "Al": One word describes him best: LOVEABLE. This guy is most happy underneath his owner. He scurries to the door when he hears your keys jingle at the door, and loves TLC and kitty kisses, lol. He's rather chill for the most part and loves to be petted, hugged, pulled, dropped (ooops- didn't say that) but lets just say he can handle anyone petting him even screaming 5 year old twins (he loved the attention)

Brown/Black Kitty "Lena": She's our diva... but its ok. She's super sweet and likes to "meow". Has a personality of her own.... a little shy at first--- but once she realizes your feeding here--- she's loyal and loving it. you can tell she's the "common sense" between her and her brother Al....

I have to say that was a pretty apt description of the two. Although in hindsight I wonder about the part where he "hears your keys jingle." Al is deaf. But maybe he wasn't born deaf? And he does have an interesting ability to sometimes greet people at the door despite not hearing.

Even knowing he was deaf though would you have turned down that face?

(This post was completed with some assistance from my friend Eric. I'm still figuring out the wonders of graphics layout using blogger.)


Anonymous said...

Very cute.

I was hesitant when we got our kitties. But soon after, I was totally in love with them.

mental hygiene said...

Our deaf kitty who lives in our office has the same kind of intuition. She is such a survivor. I've often thought about what it could be. She doesn't take notice when the fire alarm goes off, but I've never seen another cat or dog surprise her. Maybe Al can feel someone's movement as they walk up to the door or even a slight change in the scent of the air?

NewsCat said...

I don't know though because Al certainly doesn't do it all the time. In fact many times one can *slam* the door and Al doesn't even stir.

But my roommate has pointed out that Al sometimes "gets up" to the door as I'm about to walk in and the only thing he could hear is noise of the keys or someone walking on the stairwell.

Got me how he figures it out.