Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mike Erickson: Hypocrite For Congress

So imagine you are a Republican candidate for Congress in Oregon, and you decide to run on a strict “morals” platform -- you know the deal, anti-abortion, abstinence-only education, anti-gay marriage. Then an ex-girlfriend turns up and says, you know what, that dude saying he’s against abortion and is god’s gift to babies, well when he and I dated and I got pregnant, he specifically told me he didn’t want to be a parent, so he gave me $300 and drove me to the abortion clinic, but then wouldn’t even go inside to comfort me.

What do you do if the woman can provide medical records and witnesses to back up her account? Do you deny what she said? Claim that you used to be pro-choice but after having an ex-girlfriend go through an abortion you changed your mind?

Or do you baldly lie about the situation, and say things like “I knew her pretty well but not like -- it wasn't my girlfriend -- but it was somebody that I had a relationship with” and “She asked for some money to go have a doctor's appointment -- not knowing what that was -- and whatever happened, happened, I guess. I didn't even know she had an abortion.”

It’s weird watching someone lie as badly as Mike Erickson is attempting to do.

Hat tip to apieceofwork on Feministing’s new community-based blog


mental hygiene said...

I'd say this is just another case of, "Oh, THAT. Well, that happened before I was reborn."

Anonymous said...

All right sports fans, you know the drill. You are doing well, but something comes along to derail you. You have to remember what got you here into the playoffs, don't change your style just because you got hit, this is time for a gut check.

Most important, play to your strengths!

When asked about this momentary youthful indiscretion, Mike Erickson needs to go:

"The real important thing for us in this election, is not the politics of smear-campaign. The real important thing in this election is how do we make sure that our enemies don't destroy America. The Democrats would welcome in the terrorists, the Democrats would have discussions with killers. I pledge to you, to do everything within my power to protect this great nation."

Mike need not deign to these attacks on his character. Mike needs to remind the American people that the Republican are the ones that can keep us safe.

Oh...and God Bless American, too.

A second American flag lapel pin, pro'lly wouldn't hurt.