Monday, June 30, 2008

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain

I was going to write about the deeply depressing ancedotes that the Washington Post has been finding about people who tell lies about Barack Obama.

And I was wondering why isn't there any similar group that tries to smear John McCain in a similar way.

Then I found out there was.

I don't actually agree with such campaigns. I know where anger it is born from, its the same place that people wanted to say John Kerry didn't deserve his Purple Hearts. It's the idea that someone's entire reputation is built on a (believed) foundation of lies, and only YOU know the truth. And if this was John McCain's first run for Senate I would say maybe its something to examine. But the man is 72 years old. Whatever his qualifications for president are, they aren't hinged on what he did for the Navy. Anymore than John Kerry's qualifications for president started and stopped with the idea that he saved Jim Rassmann's life.

I had a professor in U.S. History one time bring in a guest lecturer who for an hour tried to make the case that Newt Gingrich cheated his way to his ph.d. And the lecturer even had a pretty good theory. But in the end I said "So what? He'd not be the first person who didn't deserve his Ph.D." It's not like if you prove he didn't deserve his doctoral degree, you could change history and Gingrich doesn't become Speaker of the House.


mental hygiene said...

That's why I don't have much respect for McCain. Rove did the same thing to him that he did to Kerry in favor of Bush when they were going head to head in the primaries.

But then McCain, that "maverick," didn't let that stop him from supporting Bush. He HAS to have some real anger or resentments towards Bush and his administration, but he would never admit it because he always thought he'd need their support later. Such a politician.

Anonymous said...

hey Newscat, are you there???

It's Friday, and I don't feel like working.

NewsCat said...

Well Dennis, if I knew which one of my stalkers you were, I might write more.

But seriously, I know I've been behind on upkeep. However I plan on making an announcment soon that will likely lead to more blogging.

Anonymous said...

More Newscat on the way, hurray!

Lincoln Writer said...

I look forward to more as well! Don't know how you found my blog, but I'm glad your comment led me to yours ... and to the Feminist Underground as well.