Monday, April 23, 2007

Abortionists: Forced Sterilizations for Everyone!

Perhaps the timing was just to try to give me something to cheer up about the Supreme Court Partial-Birth Abortion decision, but slacktivist, who’s been dissecting Left Behind sentence by sentence for almost four years now, finally got to the passage in the first book I’ve been long waiting for, the only part that directly talks about abortion.

You don’t have to have read the book to understand that passage. Basically every child has been raptured up to heaven, even those in utero. So where does that leave all those wicked abortionists now? Seriously, there aren’t many other jobs out there that involve something like slaughtering puppies or tying maidens to railroad tracks. Slacktivist quotes from Left Behind (pp. 265-268):

Rayford had to admit he had never found Hattie guilty of brilliance, but now he wished he could look into her eyes. "Hattie, um, I don't know how to ask this. But are you saying your sister is hoping women can get pregnant again so they'll need abortions and she can keep working?"

"Well, sure. What is she going to do otherwise? Counseling jobs in other fields are pretty hard to come by, you know."
Well I suppose they could get jobs executing adults. I don’t think LaHaye is one of those namby-pamby Christians who is against the death penalty as well as abortion.

Go and read the whole post because it’s a classic. It’s the penultimate breakdown of an anti-abortionist's take on what motivates pro-choice individuals (especially women). And if you ever really wanted to see Left Behind: The Theory of Christianity According to Tim LaHaye, taken apart piece by piece read slacktivist’s entire series on it.

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