Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Most Cynical Use Of A Joke Ever

Apparently there’s a politician in Florida who thinks he can use Rep. Robert Wexler's pretty famous cocaine-and-hooker “joke” on The Colbert Report for political points.

Graber, who is apparently not the kind of guy to let a gag go unpunished, suggested Wexler may not have been joking when, egged on by Colbert, he looked into the camera and said he enjoys cocaine and prostitutes “because it’s a fun thing to do.”

“There are many ways to look at it,” Graber said. “Maybe he was shocked and the truth came out.”
I’m not sure there is a more cynical political ploy than this one. This might even beat out the people who wanted to pretend that John Kerry's botched joke meant he was saying our soldiers in Iraq were stupid people who didn't study hard enough in school. Then again it is Florida. There are a lot of out-of-touch seniors down there.

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