Thursday, July 05, 2007

Its Illegal To Stimulate Genitals In Mississippi

The Jackson, Mississippi police arrested three people for selling sex toys.

“Sting Operation Uncovers Illegal Sex Toys” (Illegal in this case meaning, "any sex toys.")

Has anyone asked about the concept of an undercover sting operation at an adult bookstore? Oooo…so undercover! It’s a frigging store that sells adult material and has a license to do so.

Apparently in Mississippi:

It is illegal in Mississippi to sell any device designed to stimulate human genitals, Gladney said.
(So does that include butt plugs? This definitely makes me think it was vibrators and dildos, not butt plugs since the ass isn’t part of the genitals).

You know I’m thinking this might be a good test case for the Supreme Court. Yes even our current Supreme Court. It was Kennedy who wrote the stirring speech about Lawrence v. Texas. (Apparently the last time this came up was in March when the Fifth Circuit upheld the dismissal of lawsuit challenging the law.)

Anyway my guess is that if the citizens of Jackson, Mississippi become national laughingstocks for this arrest the police will drop the charges. (Although good luck getting their stock bad, legitimate business owners!) I feel bad for the poor clerks who didn’t even own the business and got arrested.

BTW, Sgt. William Gladney of the Vice/Narcotics Unit in Jackson, you’re kind of an ass. Please tell me the worst thing going on in Jackson right now is the sex toys. Yes you got 12 complaints from “the neighborhood.” Big flipping deal. Did you *have* to go get a warrant? (Granted I suppose the call could have come from higher up to initiate the warrant after the “sting operation.”)

Via Feministing.

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mental hygiene said...

Maybe I'll move to Jackson, where they obviously don't have a crack or meth problem!