Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Collection Of Studio 60 Media Moments

Sometimes I think I am that apocryphal internet “hater” who just wants to see Sorkin fail. Oh wait, using the term apocryphal means I’m not exactly that type of internet hater. However considering I just watched an episode of Entourage that, if anything, was even more casually hateful towards women, one would think I need to spend time spreading my angry feminist writings on other TV writers.

That said I’ve been wanting to pull together some of the Best Moments In Studio 60 TV Public Relations for some a time.

Sorkin’s Interview with 25 TV writers where he once and for all nails his own coffin shut.
Here is the transcript but you can also, thanks to TV Barn, hear the exact tone of voice Sorkin uses to go after the LA Times. I swear I’ve heard Josh Lyman give a similar kind of speech on the West Wing.

Employee of the Month strikes back
Part of the fall out from Sorkin’s interview. Count me as one who really wished I could have seen Employee of the Month’s show on Studio 60. It sounded hilarious.

Here is their official response, which I love that their webpage says “once visited by Aaron Sorkin.” In addition to the official response a few of the EoTM cast has posted in various places about the diss. Here is Megan Lynn, here is Paul Ryan and here is Wayne Ford.

Also here is Kevin Levine who was quoted in the original LA Times article by Deborah Netburn about Employee of the Month’s show that got Sorkin so angry.

Personally I think it was the Pahrump, Nevada episodes that put the show horribly overbudget and really were the point of no-return. He had a shiny-new set and seven episodes into his new series he couldn't wait to go location? What hubris.

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