Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Take Back America: Poll Results

Hmmm…the Politico’s poll seems to show that even lefty-progressives don’t really want Kucinich for president. The Take Back America conference-goer is even more to the left of the normal Democratic-primary voter and even in a straw poll Kucinich got only 5 percent. Even when people could “pick two” he still didn’t get many people’s votes.

Kucinich doesn’t even have support amongst those most likely to support him. Can we now stop letting him in the debates? (Yes I’m horribly elitist and undemocratic and this is only a straw poll).

Here's the full results (pdf) for those who are interested. So I see 727 people took the poll, how many attended the conference I wonder? By my calculation that would mean about 37 people voted for Kucinich?

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Anonymous said...

I will never understand the support Kucinich gets here in Cleveland. The man screwed up the city, showed that his ego was more important than his constituency, and helped make Cleveland a laughingstock. Yet people refused to recall him as mayor, and now repeatedly elect him, despite the fact that he spent 2003-4 and 2007 away from the job he was elected to. He is a one-issue candidate, and the issue he supports is not ending the Iraq War--it is promoting Dennis Kucinich. He makes me embarassed to call myself a Clevelander.

Jim in Cleveland