Monday, June 25, 2007

Why The “Cheney’s In Control” Stories Mean Libby Stays In Jail

A week ago a made a $20 bet with my brother that Scooter Libby would get pardoned soon. He might actually spend a little time in jail, but he was going to be pardoned in at least three months. My brother opted for the belief that Libby won’t be pardoned until Bush’s last day.

Then along comes this series by The Washington Post that, in more detail and color than has been collected before in one place, shows how Cheney and his aides run circles around the White House staff. Cheney never loses policy fights because Bush always takes his side. (Talk amongst yourself why that is).

But I’ve been thinking that this new fresh batch of “Cheney’s-the-real-power” stories is not going to sit well amongst those in the White House. There are egos in the White House that don’t like being made fools of.

I wish I could cover my bet with my brother because my new prediction is that Libby wears the orange jumpsuit long enough to show that Bush wants to make it clear that he doesn’t dance to anyone’s tune, even Cheney’s. Bush’s control freak nature is part of his need to assert his identity and prove he’s his own man and not the puppet of his daddy’s friends. He won’t like stories that show, once again, that he’s not the real guy in charge.

I also I bet Libby sits in jail because certain White House aides are going encourage it as payback for all those secret memos and jumps in the chain of command.

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