Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Take Back America Conference Day Two (But Day One For Me)

My organization bought a table at the Campaign For America’s Future “Take Back America” conference and I got roped into going. My only real hesitation about going is that last year I actually worked for Campaign for America’s Future and helped run the communications office at the conference. It’s a little odd to return to the conference and see all my ex-coworkers running around and not be a part of it. Hard not to be a tiny bit nostalgic.

My colleague and I didn’t get to the conference until very late in the day today, so we had already missed both Barrack Obama and John Edwards speak. I asked around and pretty much EVERYONE said Obama was awesome and a few people said Edwards' speech picked up towards the end but clearly Obama's was just better. More interesting to listen to, more energized, more organized in bringing his 10,000 supporters. This is why I’m convinced Obama is going to get the nomination and Edwards isn’t. Because everywhere I go, I see the Obama people. Heck even the Saturday farmer’s market at Courthouse Metro stop always has an Obama supporter’s table and no other candidate has that. Tomorrow my plan is to make sure I get there early to see Hillary speak. She’s got slotted at the ungodly hour of 8 a.m. That was her people’s decision.

(None of this should be taken as an endorsement of either candidate, just an observation).

Anyway I was mostly a tourist at the conference but from talking to a few ex-coworkers they said it’s actually been a calmer and smoother than last year. There were some technological upgrades and improvements from last year I could tell (such as nice comfy couches and chairs in the exhibitor’s hall). And I think the Campaign for America’s Future website is actually really nicely integrated into the conference. (Trust me, I wouldn’t praise it if I didn’t mean it....) I haven’t really been in the place to comment on the programming of the conference, just the details of running it.

Anyway, some coolness I got to talk to Jen from Feministing since she used to work with my colleague at my current job. She makes lady number two from Feministing I’ve met in person, the other being Ann Friedman.

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